Are there more benefits or drawbacks to living in a city nowadays?


Few people would dispute the fact that living in a city nowadays provides you countless advantages. The reality is, however, that big city life is not for everyone, and for that reason, a significant part of the population prefers to reside in small towns or suburbs. What are the benefits of living in the big urban area, and which are the drawbacks?  

First and foremost, many people who have never experienced life in a big urban area have the desire to settle down in a much more densely populated location than they are accustomed to. This is due to the fact that it has so much to offer in terms of amenities, employment and housing. It is true that despite the high costs of living in a city, employments there are used to be paid with higher salaries. Specifically, large companies or corporations usually have their headquarters in those locations. When it comes to amenities, in the cities you can find whatever you need, and there is usually free access to good urban parks, nature, public transport, restaurants and, as most importantly, education. Also, one thing that can be fascinating in a big city is that among its inhabitants, you can meet new people from all over the world. Such a diverse and multicultural environment gives you a new and global perspective of different opinions, cultures and experiences.  

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However, many people find it difficult to get used to an urban life. In general, this type of inhabitant’s city-dweller would prefer to be living in towns or small suburbs, and their main concern is their well-being rather than all the opportunities that a city offers. The main disadvantages of living in a city are not only the stresses and strains that living and working in urban areas cause, but also the levels of noise and air pollution, as well as and traffic congestion. A further drawback is the lack of space and, in terms of housing, a smaller town offers you many much more possibilities to buy an apartment for a cheaper price. 

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