Ways to influence teenagers behaviour


Few people would dispute the fact that teenager’s behaviour is really difficult to understand. Due to their lack of personality and their age, they are completely influenceable. It is undeniable that adults such as famous people or parents, impact on young society. 

First and foremost, the most common way in which teens are influenced is by setting an example. According to many, famous people who are admired by teens have a really important role to play in this issue. Celebrities from all around the world such as Messi, Madonna or Zack Efron are copied daily by millions of teenagers. All the evidences suggest that if you admire someone, you’ll try to behave like him/her, to look like him and even to think like him/her. 

people’s opinion about the impact of famous people on teenagers

Secondly, there’s another way commonly used by parents and teachers. Although setting up rules is the most popular way to grow up children, judging this method by the evidences it does not really work, probably because it is old-fashioned. Despite this, decades ago it was used daily. 

Nowadays, the population needs to understand that discipline for teenagers begins with open communication and warm relationships. It focuses on helping teenagers work within agreed limits. 

people’s old-fashioned upbringing

Finally, teenagers who are excessively complying and living theirs’s life through the influence of other people’s desires and opinions, the ones who do not have a sense of self-expression and self-directedness for their own’s life  and who always refer to what other people are doing to figure out what to do next, may trigger some several problems in their lifetime. 


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